Livechart API + Data Science packages
Version 0

Pandas and Plotly

Providing a straightforward way to analyse data, these packages are widely used in machine learning.
Pandas is one of the most used libraries for data manipulation:
Plotly is a package for interactive data visualization, here how to get it work with jupyter lab

API Quick how-to

The service URL is followed by parameters. For example:
The API v0 guide gives the detailed description, but the examples below are self explanatory


First import the libraries and set the Livechart API service

! Warning !

There have been cases in which the service returns an HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
In this case use the following workaround

Plot γ energy vs intensity for Am-241 decay

fields=decay_rads specifies to retrieve the decay radiations, nuclides=241am specifies the parent of the decay (241am), rad_types=g for the radiation type (gamma).
On the plot below, mouseover the points to see the data. Zoom an pan are enabled, and the option to save as png is is activated when the mouse is over the top-right